I began my journey as a professional Yoga Teacher in 2000.  I was led to practice Yoga due to a chronic, painful low back compression combined with an intense early onset of Menopause. I was hesitant to go to a class but my friend (ANGEL) convinced me to try. After just one yoga class I was amazed at how much better I felt, balanced and stronger and instantly knew this was my dharmic path of Healing.

In 2005, I relocated from Las Vegas to Cedar City, Utah which turned out to be a significant turning point and became an incredible journey of transformation and evolution. I was guided upon receiving my Kundalini Level One Training to create a community center, sanctuary and haven, where all are welcome and offer the profound technology of the Yoga of Awareness to anyone and everyone! Sage Hills 108, Your Self Elevation Station opened it’s doors in the spring of 2010 with the effect of people coming from all over the world to participate in the teachings and Self Elevated Experiences that continue to be offered!

I have earned 1000 hours plus of Yoga, Meditation, and Sound Healing certifications and I’m registered with the International Kundalini Teacher’s Association,  Yoga Alliance as well as the International Yoga Therapists Association.  I consider myself to be a Life Long Student as the more I become aware and teach, the more I become aware of how much more is to be experienced! It’s a wonderful Beginners Mind that keeps me renewed, feeling young and more and more Whole. I offer Teacher’s Training and Continuing Education Workshops that are recognized by Kundalini Research Institute and Yoga Alliance.  I co-teach Level One, Level Two Kundalini Professional Training with my Lead Teacher and Mentor – Mehtab Benton from Austin, Texas, who is an awesome Teacher and overall fabulous Dude! I have learned so much through Mehtab, especially about the Gongs. We are both totally GAGA re GONGS!

I am eager to begin teaching again in Las Vegas and creating a heart centered connection with the Spiritual Community that is thriving here. I look forward to meeting you very soon! Thank you and Wahe Guru!

anahata sangeeta

Vickie is an artist, musician, and ceremonialist who is grateful to call Las Vegas home for the last 2.5 years. She is also a reiki and sound healing practitioner and a transformational coach for those seeking guidance with ancestral healing. A strong component of her work includes healing the relationship one has with their inner child. She believes that our deepest fulfilment in the self-love journey begins when we can meet ourselves through unconditionally accepting and caring for the little one within each one of us.  

Vickie discovered the miraculous effects of sound therapy while on her own healing journey and has since then worked with sound to powerfully manifest her dreams, embody her truth, improve emotional resilience, and awaken massive amounts of creativity in her life. She continues to be amazed by how transformative sound is and loves to share the science and art of it with others. In her style of sound healing, Vickie uses intentionally directed and arranged sounds and vibrations to invoke altered states of consciousness and promote the rebalancing of mind, body, and spirit.                                                                     

Her earth mission is to help create a world where humans feel empowered to lead with love and be guided by the intuitive direction of the heart. Vickie’s many passions all intersect at holding loving space for people to come home to themselves. She is excited to bring a joyful, heart-centered approach to sharing the technology of Kundalini Yoga and looks forward to further deepening her love and appreciation for sound, music, and vibration through this practice.            
When she’s not at TKK, you can probably find Vickie singing with her guitar or somewhere outdoors finding inspiration from mother nature. 


Ram Ravi has been practicing some form of yoga for most of her adult life. Hatha yoga saved her life and her sanity while she was living in Greece many years ago and it was there that she began her conscious journey into physical, mental, emotional and spiritual balance. Years later while living in Tucson, AZ she was serendipitously guided to Kundalini Yoga and immediately connected with the kriyas, mantras and meditations and the beautiful community of like-minded souls searching for life’s meaning. She became a certified Level l instructor in 2016.

Teaching has also been an important part of Ram Ravi’s professional life and while she considers herself a life-long learner, she has also taught in a variety of settings. Whether teaching children or adults, she enjoys sharing her love of learning. She is a certified Rubenfeld Synergist and Reiki Master and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience about the body-mind-spirit connection to her classes, her own yoga practice and her life.

Ram Ravi brings her passion and love of the amazing science and life-changing technology of Kundalini Yoga to share with students of all ages and levels of yoga experience and ability. 


A lifelong dancer and writer, Sangeeta is also a certified RYT vinyasa yoga teacher. When Sangeeta discovered Kundalini at the Kollective, all the puzzle pieces were finally assembled. “This is it! This is exactly what I’m doing for the rest of my life!” Along her journey to self-discovery, Sangeeta has had several career incarnations as a journalist, video editor and TV producer in Toronto and Los Angeles.

A healer by Human Design, kundalini has opened a portal for Sangeeta to discover her abilities to heal herself. Now, she is honored to be of service to share the wisdom of how others can nurture their own minds and bodies with a kundalini practice too. As a mom of three plus a dachshund, Elaine is driven to make the world better by promoting mindfulness and inspiring individuals to grow in meaningful ways.


KArina ramirez

Karina began her exploration of yoga in 2006 after attending her first hot-vinyasa class with a dear friend in Las Vegas, NV. She was immediately hooked to the health benefits, mental balance and vitality that yoga offered.

After 10 years of practice and a deep desire to attend training and to one day teach, Karina completed her first RYT Vinyasa Yoga training. In 2020, after experiencing first-hand the damaging neurological effects of Covid-19, her desire to heal and deepen her own meditation practice led her to Kundalini Yoga at the Kollective and to completing her Level 1 training in this Sacred Yogic Science.

Having served in the hospitality Industry in Las Vegas for more than 15 years and being a busy mom to a beautiful growing boy, taking care of others comes naturally, but the importance of self-care has become a crucial priority in her life as she now seeks to cultivate awareness, self-love, balance and healing in people of all ages and levels. 


Dave korsunsky

Dave’s spiritual path began approximately 15 years ago while living in San Francisco Bay Area.  He immersed himself into Buddhist studies while building his career at one o fthe fastest growing software companies in Silicon Valley (NYSE: VMW).  

Dave’s personal and professoinal passion focuses on optimizing human performance.  He is the Founder & CEO of a digital health analytics company applying the latest science in diet, nutrition, exericse, sleep, and mind-body awareness to health optimization. 

Dave holds a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and a Master’s in Business Administration from the Northeastern University in Boston.  He also holds an executive Master’s Degree in the emerging field of neuroleadership.