Nourish and fortify mind, body, + Spirit

MAY 10 – MAY 14











5 day Revitalize & Glow Spring Digestive & Emotional Cleanse to Nourish & Fortify Body, Mind & Spirit!

Our team has designed a simple and easy to follow 5 day Spring Digestive & Emotional Cleanse to Nourish your Body, Fortify and Clear your Mind and Enhance your Spiritual & Physical Radiance and Glow; clear emotional and physical stagnant energies; create an upgraded enhancement resulting in crystalline clarity and overall happiness. 


This Mono Diet Yogic cleanse is based on the principles of Ayurveda which is the sister science of Yoga.  We will be providing your 5 days of your meals which are all an Ayurvedic recipe called Kitcheree to you via Starseeds LV Urban Farm & Mobile Market


The Kitcheree recipes will be Vegan, nourishing and absolutely delicious! You will have a Breakfast Kitcheree along with an early evening Cleansing and Rejuvenating Kitcheree.


Both recipes will be Vegan and designed to be gluten free, organic and love.


 You will pick up your food on Sunday May 9th from The Kundalini Kollective – 1508 South Main Street between 1pm and 4pm.  There will be a second pick up on Wednesday May 12th in the morning after our Yoga Class 6:00am – 7:15am for the remainder of your meals. Not a local to the Las Vegas area but still want to participate? Participate with us virtually! Pick-up your food on Sunday, May 9th anytime between 1pm-4pm in person at The Kundalini Kollective and enjoy the rest of the cleanse in the comfort of your own home!  


 We will also be combining your cleanse food with specific practices of Kundalini Yoga & Meditation to accelerate your efforts and results! This is where the real work and results will take place.  These classes are designed for all levels of experience and will support your processing beautifully.  PLUS it gives you opportunity to come into a community setting and share your ongoing process and experience with your Cleanse family & Community.  We will offer virtual options for convenience regarding the evening meditation class as well as the morning yoga classes.  We encourage in person participation for the morning yoga classes! 


Morning Kundalini at the Kollective – 6:00am to 7:15am. Virtual and in person 

Evening Kundalini Meditation 8pm to 8:45pm Virtual via Zoom 

Gut cleansing Tea from Lunar Logic Herbals

Yogi Tea from the Kundalini Kollective

Specialized skin polishing instructions provided as well that are easy to follow with profound results for a healthy overall glow 

Mike’s Recovery Bath Salts for your evening relaxation ritual bath 

11 vegan meals included over the course of 5 days


All this included in your regimen package for only $395!


 This is a quantum, uber-sophisticated program designed for anyone and everyone who has a busy life, wants to create a shift in a relatively short period of time, doesn’t want to feel deprived or hungry, and maintain a general sense of well being throughout a cleanse process.  The fact that we can provide your meals is pretty amazing on it’s own!  You will have a team of caring Teachers and Chefs who will support your process as the individual as well as the Group Consciousness. PLUS!!  We’re going to do it with you!


This offering is our first of many more to come.   Spring and Fall contain the perfect energies to support cleansing overall.  You will have amazing creative energy, sleep better, love better and look amazing!  Wahe Guru!!




May 5th