reclaim your breath!

A Smoking Cessation Journey through the Breath of Sound Technology

 Hosted by hypnotherapist Goldy Ivashkov C.Ht.


4PM – 7PM










Reclaim your Breath!
A Smoking Cessation Journey through the Breath of Sound Technology
 Hosted by hypnotherapist Goldy Ivashkov C.Ht.

This is a powerful process where we will explore and strengthen the motivation to quit smoking cigarettes. We will get to strengthen the mind-body connection through breath, sound, rhythm, and meditation.

In this interactive workshop, we embark on a journey that explores a cathartic experience through breath and sound.  This process is developed from the Kriya Yoga tradition combining hypnotherapeutic positive suggestions and exercises designed to strengthen the theme of the workshop. This upcoming workshop is tailored around the release of the habit of smoking cigarettes.

Breath of Sound explores the mind, body, and emotions through pranayama (yogic breathing techniques), release through sound, movement, rhythm, and meditation.  Affirming messages are received and absorbed on conscious and subconscious levels.  The journey includes guided imageries followed by deep relaxation and opportunities to process with the group.  Unswerving energies/emotions are released while you get to leave energized and rejuvenated bringing in clarity, joy, and empowerment.  Every Breath of Sound Journey is different and is always a personal journey where every breather’s experience will vary both physically and emotionally.  Prepare to feel, release, process, and grow.

This workshop is designed for individuals who have a desire to quit the habit of smoking cigarettes. All motivation levels are welcome, however, the more motivated you are consciously the higher the success rate will be. Regardless of how close you are currently to being a nonsmoker, this class will assist in getting you closer to your smoking cessation goals.


“This was my second class with Goldy and it was even more profound than the first. Its like the equivalent of 1 years’ worth of therapy. Everyone needs to do this class. It has opened up doors inside of me that have been closed for a very long time.  Thank you Goldy.” 

Carole C.  Ventura, CA


” This was my 3rd workshop with Goldy. It is always worthwhile and I will continue attending. I struggle with constricted breathing day to day and this workshop helps me move beyond that. It was quite intense for me today.  Letting go of the negative and bringing in the positive.  I love the guided imagery. I look forward to the next workshop and deepening my breathing practice each day. Thank you very much! What a great form of therapy!”


Julie L.  Ojai, CA


“This is a very powerful experience.  It’s hard to articulate in words how I feel but its like being on a spiritual emotional journey.  It is releasing and letting go of everything except the breath which is the life force. Goldy’s voice is very beautiful and powerful.  I wish everyone could experience this transformation.”


Brenda, Las Vegas, NV