meet our lightworkers

Rosemary Seema Kavita Lyran

As a sacred sound alchemist embodying her multidimensional being of love, Rosemary Seema Kavita Lyran’s purpose is to elevate millions of souls from experiencing heartbreaking relationships into experiencing a higher vibration of love.

Through the power of her gentle, yet powerful voice, Rosemary’s expertise focuses on sharing the healing energy of sound & light language as well as permanently removing emotional baggage trapped within the body by connecting with your subconscious mind.

Rosemary’s overall vision is to elevate into a world where all of our relationships are balanced, empowering, authentic, and at peace — so she radiates joy when she divinely connects with and bridges together souls who make this vision come to life!

Without experiencing all of the pain & suffering that she’s gone through, Rosemary would not be able to live her purpose today without her constant willingness & action to open up her closed heart. By also constantly being vulnerable with the lessons learned from her own heartbreaks, traumas, and struggles — her intention is to always empower your own healing journey by sharing that if she can do it, you totally can too ♡

MEcca e11even

Mecca is a third-generation intuitive medium, a healer, and spiritual mentor. She connects with the Divine and spirit realm through clairsentience, clairaudience, and clairvoyance. She tunes into chakra, oracle, and pendulum readings.

Mecca works with energy medicine and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) to assist you in shadow work involving childhood trauma, anxiety, depression, and PTSD. She has the ability to help others reach higher levels of consciousness and teach them how to connect to their own unique spiritual gifts.

Mecca is also a performing artist! She enjoys expressing herself through the art of singing, playing the ukulele, and belly dancing. Her purpose radiates love for the community as she strengthens meaningful connections by raising consciousness with a core belief that we are all eternal beings having a unique human experience.


Our very existence is based upon vibrational frequency and resonance. This frequency fluctuates and can be influenced by our thoughts and our environments. In the teachings of Yogic Science regarding Humanology, we are given the awareness that as human beings we are 6 energy bodies, 3 mental bodies, and 1 physical body.

All of these bodies are interconnected and cooperative through pranic life energy vibrational forces.

Sound vibrational therapy is a profound method that can shift, clear obstructions, and enhance the individual’s unique resonance.

Mandeep utilizes the 7 sacred metal bowls and the epic quantum frequencies of the Planetary gongs in her sound healing sessions. The initial consultation provides the protocol focus: ie relaxation, creativity, immunity boost, balance.

Each session is unique typically with long-lasting results.

The Bio-resonance system is additionally utilized to enhance your Sound Healing Session. Due to this being a Quantum technology, the sessions are about an hour and in a relatively short time, extremely effective.

Clients have described having an out-of-body experience with the blissful release of stress, traumatic imprints, anxiety, depression. They’ve described feeling balanced and strengthened after just one session!