Equinox Balance

The Fall Equinox is a time of perfect Cosmic Balance.  

Mandeep will be leading a specific kriya/meditation along with loads of Master Breathing practice to stimulate our visionary strategy within this enriched pause of light and dark. We will emerge from our Self Initiated Experience with a harmonized balance between our emotional needs and ongoing wounds, which will encourage our healing journey’s critical healing point to reveal itself. We will work smarter as we set our sights on striking more balance in our lives. The Chiron Gong will be prominently featured. Let’s set this stage for a dramatic expression of positive attraction and action! All levels, No experience necessary.

We have 10 in person spots available @ $17.  If you purchase a ticket to attend in person you will receive directions and more info for this special Fall Equinox experience!

The Livestream class is a TKK  Community Gift of Service.