April 12 – May 21
Live on Zoom 








The Kundalini Kollective’s Premier 40 days of Transformation!

Our upcoming Community Sadhana starts Monday, April 12th from 5am to 6am and will continue every day at that time until May 21st.

Our practice will be 37 1/2 minutes of the Long Ek Ong Kaar Mantra otherwise known as Morning Call.  This powerfully and incredibly transformative practice will offer you the opportunity to enhance your ability to connect fully to this sacred sound current or Naad which will bring infinite Knowledge to you. 

Think of the Kundalini rising until all the fibers of your aura are vibrating and the circumvent field is fully activated.  You, as an individual unit along with your psycho-electromagnetic field, can now project into the Universes.  This time code is precise and utilizes access to the Unified Field which brings you into wholeness within the macrocosm of You to the microscosm of You.  Your Kundalini becomes fully awakened and you create and access clear communication with your Universal Self. 

By gathering in group consciousness through the Subtle realms of virtual reality we will project this activation powerfully into the electromagnetic field of our Blue Planet, all sentient beings, our solar system and Beyond!  It’s a call to all for healing and transformation to experience a deeper Love for Self and All.  

We will tune in with the Adi Mantra followed by Mangala Charn Mantra,  create gentle seated warm up movements, and begin our Ek Ong Kaar practice for 37.5 minutes precisely.  We will close with the blessing of Long Time Sun Sat Nam and a reading from The Universe.

We will meet on Zoom starting promptly at 5am. You will be automatically muted upon joining. We will tune in, create gentle warm-ups and breathing and begin our practice. We will be done by 6 am.

This is a community offering by Mandeep and the Kundalini Kollective team to bring awareness and the Self- Exalted and Initiating experience of how important and necessary a steady meditation discipline is.